Who We Are

Andreas Baur and kidsAndreas spent three summer holidays during his university years volunteering in Africa. Twice he volunteered in orphanages in Ghana, West Africa, through Orphan Aid. And in the summer of 2007, he worked with a group teaching HIV prevention and initiating an HIV clinic in Kenya.

He graduated from UBC in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. We know from Andreas that volunteering in Africa was a life altering experience for him and it profoundly shaped his personality. Andreas planned to make volunteering in Africa a part of his life…but his life ended tragically December 1st, 2008.

We want to continue his plans and dreams.
We all can make a difference.
Andreas dared to do it.

“Andreas was a wonderful man and definitely left his mark on our hearts here in Ayenyah.. He was with me at so many important moments—when we designed the buildings, when the children first visited this site, at the moment of my marriage…

He was a warm and loving person, who really had a terrific impact— especially on Simon and David (two of the kids) and of course on me! For Simon, a child soldier, who has been highly traumatised by witnessing the horrors of war from the age of ten, Andreas represented a lift out of complete illiteracy at he age of 12. This did wonders for his self esteem — and the time and patience that Andreas dedicated to him as he taught him to read and write has had an incredible impact on his life. For David, a child expulsed out of his home by his own mother at the age of 11 and who lived on the streets, sleeping at a bus station, Andreas’ intervention  assured David a home for life.“

Lisa Lovatt-Smith
President of Orphan Aid Ghana
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