Kenya Solar Light Project

Solar Light

Muchui Women Group 100 solar lights with chargers. Matigari Women Group 48 solar light with chargers. (end of 2015)

In Meru, Kenya it the sun sets around 6:30 pm sunrise is at 6:30 am year round. Most families don’t have electricity, they rely on kerosene lamps. The children have difficulties to do their home work at night.

We choose the solar-lamp with cell-phone charger (most of the families have cell phones), because the members had to travel to the nearest village and pay and wait for having their phones charged. Since the screen garden members also sell some produce, now they are always ready to talk to potential buyers and also arrange for delivery or pick up. Most people are not able to have bank accounts. M-Pesa, a mobile-phone based money transfer service, enables the members to pay or receive money.

It was stated by Farmers Helping Farmers after we purchased the solar lights that: “The schools found
a big difference in the children who had the lights at home. The marks went up substantially.”

And the best of all: The sun recharges all those lamps for free.