Kenya Food Security Project

Inside Bird NettingThis project is dedicated to local food production, for home use and for sale. It was a joint venture between Andreas Baur Foundation and Farmers Helping Farmers Inc.

70 women farmers of the Muchui Women Group located in Kiirua, Kenya – East Africa provided the land for the 500 m2 kitchen gardens. They also supplied the poles for netting and the fence, the organic fertilizer as well as the labour for the project.


The people in charge of this project are the individual members of the Muchui Women’s Group. Each of them needs to make the decision what they want to grow and how they want to use the crops – for their families, for trading or for selling.

These decisions will determinate which hardware and crop inputs they need for growing their crops. We want to help – together with FHF – to provide the inputs; FHF will also provide expertise for the project; though we always have to keep in mind that this is the project of the Muchui Women’s: They need to do the work, they need to take responsibility, and they need to make it heir success. We – our foundation and FHF – will only be there in the short term.

Each of the women needs to have her list of inputs; the horticulturist should provide advise if asked for. We will add up the requests and buy the items from the supplier with the best quotes, and have them delivered. Each woman has to sign off upon receiving their inputs or services (installation).

During the growing season each of the women should keep a simple record of where an when the inputs were used and what was produced. Advice and additional inputs (within the budget) will be provided by FHF throughout the growing season promptly upon request.

We do have two guiding principles: most often listening to the people needing help and providing those things they want works well, and second, making clear with every one of our moves that we are only here to help in their own efforts to become successful.

We want to thank Farmers Helping Farmers in Prince Edward Island for the trust and courage to help with this project.

Josef M. Baur (P.Ag.)
Andreas Baur Foundation



We purchased:
• 70 rakes hand made from a local craftsman
• 70 sets of bird netting, covering half of each garden, or 250 m2
• 70 sets of drip irrigation for 500 m2 each
• 70 water tanks 1000 litres each
• 70 roles of barb wire
• 25% of the costs of seedlings, irrigation water, crop inputs

Farmers Helping Farmers Inc. with support from CIDA supplies:
• 100 % Horticultural services as needed
• 75 % of the costs of seedlings, irrigation water, crop inputs
• Ongoing support and supervision of the project
• Training for the Muchui Womens Group’s members
At this time most of the gardens are ready and have been planted.

The term of the joint venture is from August 1st,2011 to July 31st, 2012.

Update – March 2012: we extended our involvement to 81 women farmers at the Muchui Women Group in Kiirua, Kenya. All the women involved will have the same support than the original group of 70.

For more information on this project:

Project 2 Report 01
Harvest Feast: Joyous Celebration of the 70 Screenhouses
The harvest feast -for about 600 guests – was organized from the patron Mrs. Jennifer Murogocho with the help of all the members of the Muchui Women Group. The meal included a BBQ (meat, vegetables and rice). There were judges from the Ministry of Agriculture for the top three vegetables in each group. Prices – spade and forks and for everyone a panga.

This was an excellent marketing opportunity to show case the vegetables of the group. The vegetables are used for home consumption and also for sale.

Thank you Jennifer and all the women for your hard work – you are on your way to run your own market gardens.