What We Do


Relieve poverty and improve living conditions of people living in economically depressed or isolated communities in Ghana and Kenya, Africa.

Implicit to every project that we undertake is the understanding that it will be accomplished free of the imposition of any foreign social, political, or spiritual values.

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Ghana Solar Panels Project:

Our first project was to provide the Ayenyah Foster Family Community (Orphan Aid Africa, Ghana www.oafrica.org) with a solar system to ensure a steady power supply for housing and farming.

Kenya Food Security Project:

This project is dedicated to local food production, for home use and for sale. It was a joint venture between Andreas Baur Foundation and Farmers Helping Farmers Inc.

Kenya Food Security Project Update:

Screenhouse kitchen gardens producing vegetables for home consumption and for sale.

Kenya Solar Light Project:

We bought 100 solar lights with chargers for cell phones , for all the members at the Muchui Women Group.